aRelax Sound HD Silver App Reviews

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The sounds r just annoying I tired relaxing and I got loud noisy NOISE. :(. But graphics were ok.


Is this really supposed to be relaxing? The minute I open the application, an annoying overlap of the campfire sound and what seems to be obnoxious screeching toads begin to play at a very loud volume. I've tried pressing the stop button but it is already set on stop. And the fairies are ugly, too.

good download play

the main thing it attract me is the download feature, others is second. and I do enjoy it let me download my music and play with quite a lot other audios, its fun and relax. and the graphic and animation is plus++.


I'm a big fan of ambient noise. Especially helps me to sleep. This app is, unfortunately, a waste of time. Visuals are very kid-friendly (cutesie), the sound quality isn't great but worse, the controls are too oblique for me to figure out or they just don't work right. I played one of the 2 provided sample sounds, then tried to switch to the other but despite clearly selecting it, it would only play the first sound. Added more sounds but it just kept playing the first one! Delete!


Get this app! I almost fell asleep after the first 10 sec, very relaxing

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